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The Movies: Stunts & Effects Expansion Pack


Here it is! The One . . . The Only!


Featuring the action packed stunts and special effects the original Movies Game did not offer. BUY IT NOW!!!


· Create Stuntmen and Stars and then manage them through death-defying stunts, write stunt scripts and assign stunt doubles.

· Use the new camera feature, “Freecam Mode” to take control of the camera and set up the shots for every scene.

· Add incredible special effects to your films, including explosions, shattering glass, destructible cars and miniature models.     

Spectacular Stunt Scenes !

Amazing Visual Effects ! !

New Scenes, Sets and Vehicles ! ! !

This is something you most likely would bet your creativity on ! ! ! !

(Note: In order to use Stunts and Effects, and it’s action packed offerings, you NEED to purchase the original game, The Movies.)   

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