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The Code of a Spectrumm: 

"When born of Spectrum . . . rainbows aura . . . blazing bright as a supernova . . . . concept, story, character traveling at the speed of thought, colorful, radiant, exhibiting arrays magic magnificent light of the intelligences, you’re never just powerful, unique or ultraviolet, you’re dimensional, have gamut, band, are more adequate, accurate and respond faster than others . . . through variety with a range of field that scale the parsec quadrants of mind space infinity fictional fantasies realm, off the laser edge of reality, Creativities Eternal Time Continuum . . . but in the universe that rarely happens . . .  rarely, accept . . . Here . . . Now!" Are you a Spectrumm? 


                     Spectrumm is a new concept featuring original script content with Imagery (Illustrative Art, Graphics, Photography & Film), Imaginations, Special/Visual FX, CGI or Animations, Cartoons, and Comics. It brings you all the best dialogue in original cartoons like ITMAK: The Days (ITMAK: The Days Ep. 1 & 2 made with the help of and many others like ITMAK: The Days Ep.3, Darachnid, Revenge Town, and Jumpcut (made with the help of The Movies: Stunts and Effects Expansion Pack). As we continue to create and develop our movies, you can look forward to one day soon experiencing our own artistic, technological brand and style of motion picture and animated productions. We would like to thank and acknowledge, Lionshead. and Activision for helping us with their animations and instruction.   



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