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Upcoming Movies

The following movies are being worked on as we speak. They will soon be released . . . . just to remind everyone . . . "patience is a virtue."


Darachnid: The Movie 

 The beginning of Daren "Dusty" Ericson's story and his dream of becoming Darachnid. Sadly, becoming a superhero isn't all its cracked up to be.                                        

Battlefield Darachnid (Darachnid 2) 

 Call him Darachnid, call him Dusty the story still is the same. He's back, up against terrorists and mad bombers this time saving the world from being turned into a master army of zombie thugs. 

Shadow of a Kind (Darachnid 3) 

 Dusty's time has come. Thoughts are that he should retire, and just as every other superhero just like him has to face this deadly question. "Doe's the world really need a savior?" 

Telesis (Jumpcut 2) 

 Yancy "Phoenix" Starlight is the next person to retrieve the secret of teleportation and even better . . . . telekinesis. Like Jumpcut, Telesis can teleport from place to place, but his very special talent is along with that power, he can move, teleport, or throw any object without touching it. Now Jumpcut and Telesis are up against the most vicious alien/robotic source ever to be discovered in the universe. STELLARUS!   

Tell Em' to Die

 Assassin 25 is ready to sacrifice all he has, for his one job. Being a hitman. He has one difference from everyone else. Unlike every other hitman around, although he is an emotionalist, he has remorse for anyone he takes life from. "Taking a life is only easy when you feel that the person you are about to exterminate, is different in every way from you or any person." 

Death Warner 2 

 "Hi, Greg Aarons here. I told you that there was more to this story. Well at least I think I did. Anyway, although our protagonist Rex defeated Putsch, the horror still continues. When Rex wakes back up from the casket he had already left, he is once again found by Ongud who congratulates him on defeating Putsch. Meanwhile, in the dark depths of hell, Putsch is confronted by a demon named Nell who gives life to him and gives him a new form with a new cult following. It is time once again for Rex Warner to bring a fatal shadow down on his fiendish-friend and haunt the monstrous, warning those with the consequences . . . of death, once again coming their way."

Revenge Town 2

 Welcome back to the Wild, Wild, West. Now that that ole' trickster Sheriff Marley is gone out of business (stabbed out to be more specific), Marshall Clint Cole is back to doing what he does best, protecting the town. But, a new gang has just rode into town seeking revenge on Marley's death and these bad boys ain't scared of no "dawg on" Marshall. Guess they came to right place . . . . Revenge Town is back in action!